PAAC is set to become the Cornerstone of the
Gateway Arts District

Restoration is Underway
in Hyattsville

Located in the heart of Gateway Arts District Hyattsville, the historic Arcade building will make a fantastic new home. We are asking you to help us make it happen.


Pyramid Perks

$25: tin of Printmaker's Companion body butter and sumi ink painted card by Rick Black (5 perks left)

$50: 10 Letterpress coasters by James Quigley (5 perks left) 

$100: Handmade Book by Patty Lee (all gone!)

$500: Print from PAAC archives (14 perks left) 

$1,000+: Name on donor wall + print from PAAC archives (10 perks left) 


All perks are available for pick up after May 20.  We are happy to mail any perks outside a 20 mile radius of Silver Spring, Maryland

Thank You! 
Aliana Grace Bailey
Beth Schaible
Carmen Camacho
Carolyn Reese-Tomlin 
Carolyn Shattuck
Chelsae Blackman
Claire Carlin
Crystal & Daniel Polis
Barbara Neu & John Ries
Barbara Talbott
Betsy Young
Ellen Hill
Erin Close
David Miller
Gretchen Schermerhorn
Holly & David Rosenfeld
James Quigley
Jane Lueders
Jennifer Hinrichs
Jose Dominguez
Joshua Falconer 
Katrina Villavicencio
Kim Thorpe
Lauren Emeritz 
Leon Chatelain
Linda Rollins & Gerry Harasewych
Liz Brown
Liz Mitchell
Marc Korman
Marty Ittner
Melissa Ezelle
Micah Beard
Mike Berman
Priya Vadhyar & Sandeep Shetty
Tim Tormoen