Why do I need to be Certified in a studio?

In order to rent equipment in our studios independently, students must become "Certified," showing proficiency in safe handling of the equipment.


How do I become Certified? 

Students will need to complete an orientation, take a workshop, and/or attend a Happy Hour with a member of the Artistic Staff (specific recommendations based on background can be provided). Afterwards, a staff member will evaluate the student’s understanding and decide if unsupervised rental is appropriate. The staff member reserves the right to recommend that the student take another class or attend another Happy Hour if they feel that the student is not ready to use the equipment independently.


How much does it cost to become Certified?

The price for certification is the same as one-on-one instruction per hour:

  - $50/hour for Pyramid Atlantic members
  - $60/hour for non-members

Experienced artists need only complete a one-hour (or less) orientation to become certified.

Schedule a Certification Session Today!

Contact Gretchen Schermerhorn, Pyramid Atlantic's Artistic Director, to set up an appointment or discuss the process further: 301-608-9101 or

A Note About Pyramid and Covid Safety:

While we are encouraged by the numbers reported locally and nationally, Pyramid is committed to the health of our artists and visitors. At this time, we are choosing to be more conservative than the local ordinances. We have increased our studio capacity numbers in some areas but will  continue to operate the building at a reduced capacity and require mask wearing in all public spaces.